Monday, 6 December 2010


I am trying to put together a comedy routine. now I have a few jokes of my own, but i want to see some more jokes from everyone who views this blog and sees this. now the only rules are they cant be rude and they cant be about Manchester united. So lets see what we can do.

DJC Blogger

one to watch

The link above is a link to a YouTube video from the channel Irish Dominicans, The Reason for the Season: Advent, and the link below is a serious look into their lives.

I hope you enjoy these and learn a great deal from both.

the DJC Blogger

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

N Dubz

Now to tell the truth I am a fan  of the band N Dubz. When I first heard them there music was alright in there first album. But then there second one i wasn't even aloud to get. but then there last two singles where really good, moral and all. Then they go and ruin all that with there next single which has put me right off them. So what I'm going to is ask you  is to sugest me some new music in the comment section. 
          DJC Blogger

Friday, 19 November 2010

Are life in yogurt

Today as I was having an afternoon snack I noticed something. Our lives are just like them corner yogurts. there is the big bit of actual yogurt which is plain and simple and then there is that nice bit in the corner. Different people eat it in different ways. some people have one and not the other, some have one bit at a time. But then there is them people who mix it together and get the best of both the whole time. So now you must be thinking what do I mean. Well, In life there is some people who think they are just here to have fun and just eat the corner, and there are some who overwork themselves, but then there are the ones who mix it together so they are positive when working playing and praying. So I'm going to ask you now which one of the people are you.
The DJC Blogger

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Cadburys againts children in need

Recently Cadburys chocolate released a new type of chocolate. this new chocolate is apparently in support of London 2012, but that's still a long way away. that leaves only one possibility. Cadburys have left the dark side and have came against Children in Need. The new chocolate is called Spots V Stripes. I know what you are thinking. that it isn't biased towards it at all, but that is Cadburys clever ploy so that everyone hates them. So all you Pro-life types and catholics, or people just against Children in Need, next time you find yourself in your local shop, stock up on Cadburys.
You can trust this advise, because it's from the DJC blogger.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Hello and welcome to my blog.
I have been asked why I want to make a blog. To keep it simple, it is really to try and impress my English teacher and Aunt, one and the same person because I am home educated. And also it is an easy way to get what I think about the world and all that stuff.
So once again HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From the DJC blogger.